AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l,AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW, 5 l, 221117,EG Haustechnik,221117,222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l AEG, 221117: Bricolage,AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW, 5 l.pression 2 kW 221117 5 l AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans.

AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l

Designed uniquely

Defined by luxury.

Bespoke to your tastes – perfectly.
Distinction in considered design, down to the finest of details.

a realm of

infinite possibility


Surrey Hills

Embracing bold, angular form, AKASHA is a stunning, contemporary home with abundant light and striking clean lines.

Architecturally inspired by earth, wind, fire and water, your senses will be delighted by a fusion of contrasting textures and materials.

Where living is open, bright and blended seamlessly with the outdoors, AKASHA promises relaxed, sophisticated entertaining spaces.

Belle Vue in

Balwyn North

Boasting majestic, grand proportions, Belle Vue unites elegant modernity with classic charm.

Offering extravagant yet thoughtful luxury, this spacious family home is made for decadent living, entertainment and relaxation.

Palatial spaces are offset by ornate details and marble surfaces – exuding elegance and distinction at every turn.

Luxurious, sophisticated and timeless. Welcome to Belle Vue.


Designed by Our Designers

Built by Our Craftsmen

AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l

AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW, 5 l, 221117: Bricolage. Contenance : 5 l - Pour montage en hauteur 。 Température réglable entre 35 et 85°C 。 Limitation de sécurité de la température 。 Consommation en veille : seulement 0,27 kWh/24 h 。 Câble de raccordement avec fiches de sécurité 。 Description du produit Taille: Übertisch | Style: Petit chauffe-eau 5 Basis sans châssis。 Otras características: 。Capacité du réservoir d'eau: 5 L。Classe d'efficacité énergétique: A。Code (IP) Internationale Protection: IP24。Consommation annuelle d'énergie: 494 kWh。Couleur du produit: Blanc。Efficacité: 37%。Hauteur: 415 mm。Installation prise en charge: verticale。Largeur: 252 mm。Niveau sonore: 15 dB。Poids: 8,1 kg。Profondeur: 233 mm。Puissance max.: 2000 W。Température (max): 85 °C。Tension d'entrée AC: 230 V。Thermostat réglable: 35 - 85 °C。Type: Réservoir (stockage d'eau)。Type de fuel: Electrique。Voyants: Oui。 。 。 。 。

AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l

AEG 222162/ Chauffe-eau sans pression 2/ kW 221117 5 l
AEG 222162/ Chauffe-eau sans pression 2/ kW 221117 5 l

AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l

31455 Coral Tools Pinceau à bord droit hybride, Voiture frens d7226 C freinage Amplificateur, 1m 2m G1 2 Pouces Douche Tuyau Flexible En Acier Inoxydable Chrome Salle De Bain Deau Tête De Douche Tuyau Color : 1m 1,5m. Blanc Qifumaer Femme Boucles Oreille Frange Bohème Paillette Frange Longue Bijoux Dangle Fantaisie Ethnique Size 8.5cm,  Guia GN TS-92 Argent 64010001 Dorma 64010001 , ITAR Roulette ø30. 50pcs Durable Bicyclette En Acier Inoxydable Billes Pièces De Rechange 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Vélo En Acier À Billes Roulement À Billes, Lightingdesigner géant ampoule LED 4 W Dimmable E27 Culot à vis 220/240 V en nid dabeille, Abus E20NP 10/40 Cylindre avec 3 clés 18261. ToDIDAF Oreillers de Jambe Legacy Oreiller pour Cale de Soutien pour Le Dos Les Hanches Les Jambes et Les Genoux.HR 170137 masse 5 kg avec manche en fibre de verre 0 V, Trèfle Irlandais Wrights Double pli Biais Ruban 1/1,8 x 2,7 m Assorties 13.21 x 5.08 x 1.02 cm, gris Carburateur de haute qualité pour moteur PWK de moto excellent remplacement de lancien carburateur automatique. Noir EBS Etagère Rangement Chaussures Banc à Soulier en Toile Tissu. 1 pièce Easy Work Pot Brosse pour meuleuse dangle M14 65 mm 262496. Câble Audio RCA Cinch stéréo Hi-FI plaqué Or OFC Ricable RH05 Hi-End 2 x 0,5m, Shukukan Coque pour Samsung A20E Tree, Steel Tongue Drum Handpan Drum Tongue Tambour Instrument Percussi Tambour De Langue en Acier 12 Pouces 13 Notes avec Jouant Au Doigt Sleeve, 011GN Vert Jay Knopf Boutons de Meuble Céramique Assortiment 6 pièces No multicolore tiroir en porcelaine poignées meuble.

Home Gallery

Single living simplicity to opulent grandeur. We design for every
lifestyle – unwavering in our aim to create a home that you will love, every day.

Award Winning Homes

just for you

Comdain Homes has received multiple awards from the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Association.
This makes us one of Melbourne’s most awarded custom luxury home builders.

Client Testimonials

“The design and build process worked well for us right from the beginning. Comdain take you through everything and you’re very clear in your mind of the whole journey.”

– John & Jacqui

“Thank you for helping us through our first building experience. Particular thanks to Rodney and Millissa for creating a design that ticks all of our boxes. We love our home!”

– Rebecca, Simon & Julian

“The team at Comdain are very approachable, they communicate well. They didn’t brush off any of our concerns and followed through on everything. They always returned calls. They really exceeded our expectations.”

– Dennis & Celeste

“What worked particularly well for us was good communication during the build with the supervisor and with tradies.”

– Graham & Karen

AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l

“What exceeded our expectations was the fantastic communication between Comdain and us.”

– John & Jacqui

“Comdain’s attention to our needs was always first on their mind. The quality of the accessories used to finish our house were of the highest quality. The number of compliments we have received on our house from friends and family are too numerous to mention.”

– Carlo & Rita

“The highlight of building our home with Comdain is the joy knowing all the intricate details of our house, for example, I know the first brick that was laid, where the pillars are, etc. I can walk around the house knowing where the water pipes run.”
– Dennis & Celeste
“We wanted a quality build, you pay a bit more for it, but it’s worth it.”
– Tess & Tony
AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW 221117 5 l
221117: Bricolage,AEG 222162 Chauffe-eau sans pression 2 kW, 5 l.